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Vibrant, exotic and luxurious — welcome to our secret garden! This imaginative piece features the image of a woman in resplendent dress carrying lilies through her garden, which was painted in 1871. The architectural elements, including the spired chateau and decorative wall panels were painted during the same era, and the charming swan comes from a drawing done in 1580. The beautiful branch with oranges and birds comes from an antique Japanese woodblock print. The trim combines two different French textile prints from the 1800’s... and for a final, whimsical flourish, we added the image of a pair of embroidered velvet slippers and a Parisian fan, both circa 1900. 






• Care Instructions: Hand wash

• Fabric: 100% bamboo/wood viscose

• Product Language: English







Secret Garden Cropped Bamboo Kimono Cardigan

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